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Hard Disk Partitioning

How and Why (or Why Not)
for MS-DOS/Windows PCs

revised 1 Apr 2006

Copyright © 1996–2006 by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems

This page was withdrawn in January 2004, because I hadn’t maintained it and, to be honest, I no longer found the topic very interesting. (Now that I run Windows XP, I take the path of least resistance and use a third-party partitioning program.)

Sandy Archer kindly offered to host the page at his own Archer’s Hard Disk Management site. Go to that page and scroll down to the link “Hard Disk Partitioning: Why and How”.

Sorry, I can’t help with questions about specific models of hard drive and specific operating systems. Your best bet is to post a question to the Usenet newsgroup that deals with your specific hardware or operating system.

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