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Options: You have two ways to register the program, including free upgrades for life:

Thanks for your support! (Please review the license terms before making your payment.)

Register GENER8 through PayPal

The buttons below will take you to PayPal’s secure Web site, where you can fill in your payment details. (You can use a credit card even if you don’t have a PayPal account.)

1 or 2 users
3 to 5 users
6 to 9 users

Site licenses (flat rates):


When payment is accepted, you’ll receive two e-mails, one with your license number and one with the registered version of GENER8 as an attachment. Sending these e-mails is a manual process, which may take a few hours but never more than 24.

Important: Please make sure your mailer accepts mail from For reasons given here, we don’t respond to challenge-response mail systems.

Updates and new info:

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