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CMP Release 5.23
Compare Text or Binary Files

Program Dated 16 Jan 2006  /  User Guide Dated 7 Feb 2016

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What is CMP?

CMP is a file comparison program for text or binary files. Inspired by UNIX diff, it makes a greatly enhanced replacement for the DOS utilities COMP and FC. Running on the command line in any version of Windows, CMP displays the differences between two files, or between two series of files, even entire subdirectory trees.

Option settings let you affect the comparison process, such as whether to treat A-Z and a-z as the same and whether to ignore different runs of spaces and tabs. Other options let you control the output format and amount of information reported. You can tune the look-ahead and resync values for different sets of files, which will give you the most useful difference reports.

CMP gives you complete flexibility in batch programing and setting up makefiles. You can configure CMP to return various values according to whether differences were found or all files were the same.

16-bit and 32-bit versions are supplied together, with an interactive program tour. The 32-bit version runs in 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 95 through Windows 10. The 16-bit version runs in DOS or 32-bit Windows.

Full documentation is in the CMP User Guide, which is also included in the download.

How do I get CMP?

Download the program, all docs, and the interactive tour as a 166 KB ZIP file. After downloading, unzip the file in any convenient directory and read the 0README.1ST file.

This free download is intended for you to try the program. If you continue using it after your 30-day trial, you’ll want to pay for it. As an incentive, the registered version has a couple of extra features.

Need an unzip program? Two excellent choices are UNZIP by Info-ZIP (freeware) for DOS or the Windows command line, and 7-Zip (freeware, open source) for Windows.

How do I buy CMP?

CMP is shareware. Download it gratis and try it out for 30 days. Pay for it if you decide to keep using it; otherwise just delete it from your computer.

Use this link to buy now! Price: US $15.00 for single license; quantity discounts and site licenses are available.

Payment methods: PayPal or register by postal mail.

Upgrades: Under the license terms, there is no additional charge for upgrades. When releasing an upgrade, we send a notice to every registered user at the e-mail in our records. Please make sure we have your current address!

What’s new?

These are just the most significant changes in the last few releases. Complete release notes for each release are in the download file.

Release 5.23 handles directory paths of any length by allocating all path strings dynamically. (Previously, CMP relied on the compiler constant _MAX_PATH = 259 characters, but one user has a disk with longer paths than that.)

Releases 5.21 and 5.22 were private releases to the customer who reported the problem.

Release 5.2:

Release 5.1 added the /C option to tell CMP whether to complain about various categories of missing files. It was followed by three minor releases:

Release 5.0 was a complete rewrite from the ground up. It added many new capabilities, including binary files, subdirectory searches, and (in the 16-bit program) better memory use.

Updates and new info:

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