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Shareware Utilities for DOS and Windows from Oak Road Systems

All are fully functional, not crippled or time limited. We believe in the honor system for shareware. GREP and CMP offer extra features in the registered version. All come with extensive documentation and demo files.

Our standard software license is on line.

GREPrelease 8.0, dated 4 May 2005
GREP finds strings or regular expressions in text or binary files; it features subdirectory searching and multi-expression search. This is a greatly enhanced replacement for DOS FIND; GREP offers more flexible output options than the UNIX utility of the same name.
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CMPrelease 5.23, dated 16 Jan 2006
Compare text or binary files or directories. An advanced comparison method is tunable by users for the most usable difference reports. You can select traditional or UNIX-style output or a one-line result. Values returned in ERRORLEVEL can be used in batch files and makefiles.
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GENER8release 8.0, dated 25 Apr 2016
Generate repetitive text. Features include include files, a powerful macro processor, rich operators for pattern matching, arithmetic, and logic, and placing the output of system commands in the output. There are extras for HTML pages, like an automatic table of contents, but you can generate any kind of text files.
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