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General Articles

by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems

iTunes/iPod Taming iTunes & iPod for Classical Music
(revised Dec 18)
  Some Playlists for iTunes and iPod
(revised 21 Dec 2013)
  Importing (“Ripping”) CDs to iTunes
(revised 6 Aug 2012)
  Converting CDs to iTunes Audiobooks
(revised 25 June 2012)
the iTunes section of Curb Unneeded Services in Windows 7
Tolkien FAQ of the Rings: frequently asked questions about the Rings of Power
(revised 24 Apr 2015)
  Articles Referenced in the FAQ of the Rings
(revised 21 Dec 2013)
Families Relationship Terms: “second cousin once removed”, “stepsister” versus “half sister”, and so on
(revised Apr 13)
Usenet/E-mail Play Nice on Usenet: getting the most from newsgroups
(revised Apr 13)
  Play Nice in Email: best practices for email senders
(revised Apr 13)
  How to Find FAQ Lists
(revised 7 Oct 2010)
Beauty Watkins Glen, New York
(revised Apr 13)
Chain letters “Make Money Fast” and Other Chain Letters: with a digression on memes (archived)
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