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This page helps you survey the significant changes to the Oak Road Systems Web site. While any change to a page automatically changes its revision date in the site map, this What’s New page is prepared manually and does not list minor changes.

October 2016

Add several new sections to Windows 7 Tips and Tweaks.

July 2016

Use similar “donate” links to Add a landing page for people working from printed copies who want to donate.

April 2016

Post the GENER8 script, which I use to generate all these Web pages. During the month, remove system dependencies so that the code should now work in UNIX as well as Windows; see all change details.

February 2016

October 2015

Update the Link Exchange Policy.

All my current math pages are at, but Math Sites and Software won’t move there. With Internet search engines so good, a static page of links seems so 20th century. I’ll leave it in place for anyone who has bookmarked it, but I’m not going to update it any further.

September 2015

Add <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width"> to every page, to make Google happy.

August 2015

Move the algebra and trig pages from to

June 2015

Replace 54 pages, which simply framed pages at, with direct links to those pages.

May 2015 launched on 10 May. All math articles from will eventually move there, but for now I’ve added links from the site map, home page, and main math page, plus a BrownMath option on the Google search page.

February 2015

January 2015

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What with surgery in the summer and a long aftermath of recovery, I wasn’t able to do any significant updates. But now I’m starting to catch up with the backlog:

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New math pages:

Updated the titles of several more pages to match changed content.

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Because this site helps you,
please click to donate!
Because this site helps you,
please donate at

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