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Résumé of Stan Brown

Revised 20 July 2016

Copyright © 2000–2017 by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems


Services offered technical writing
troubleshooting/“help desk”
classroom teaching
computer training
Web page design
individual tutoring
systems analysis, design, and programming
software testing and standards
Writing samples published at
Object-oriented languages C++
(Smalltalk and Java a bit rusty)
Other languages C
various flavors of BASIC
80x86 assembler
Other packages Microsoft Access and Access Basic
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word and Word Basic macros
Operating systems Microsoft Windows 9x, NT; MS-DOS; OS/2

Details of experience

Technical Support Rep,
Palisade Corporation
duties: answer customers’ technical questions about the company’s statistical software for risk analysis; troubleshoot problems of installation or use of the software; diagnose and report bugs or documentation errors; write Knowledge Base articles and administer the KB; write and update software documentation
Adjunct Faculty,
Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)
duties: plan course work including lectures, Web-based handouts, homework, quizzes, exams, and projects; conduct class lectures and discussions; administer and grade quizzes and exams; and supervise independent study for these courses:
  • MATH200, Statistics
  • MATH201, Calculus I
  • MAT-213, Calculus for Economists
  • MATH135, Precalculus (was MATH105)
  • MATH125, Technical Math II (was MATH104)
  • MATH132, College Algebra and Trigonometry (was MATH102)
  • MATH109, Elementary Mathematical Methods (nontechnical probability and statistics)

Wrote textbook, Stats without Tears, as free online resource

Adjunct Asst. Prof.,
Upstate Medical Univ.
duties: plan and teach course in biostatistics
Adjunct Services Coordinator,
Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)
duties: planned and conducted twice-yearly orientation for new adjuncts; coordinates with campus offices to serve needs of adjuncts; assisted with developing activities relating to teaching and learning; improved communications between adjuncts and the rest of the College community
Res. Life Faculty in Residence,
Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3)
duties: supervised RAs and backed them up in critical situations; assisted in RA training activities; searched for ways to improve quality of life for all students living on campus
Baker Center for Learning,
duties: coached walk-in students as a supplement to their classroom work in algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics, physics, nutrition, C++, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Office; mentored student tutors
Principal Consultant,
Oak Road Systems
Some clients and projects include:
  • client: county development agency
    accomplishment: redesigned agency Web site, including navigation; maintained site and added new content as supplied by client
  • client: manufacturer of numerical-control devices
    accomplishment: as team member, designed and developed object-oriented software to generate PLC-5 programs from high-level process descriptions (Smalltalk, C++, Java)
    accomplishment: designed, project managed, and developed PC- and VAX/VMS-based software sold by the company to help customers set operating programs for input sensors and electronic output devices (C language)
    accomplishment: designed and prototyped new Windows-based user software for configuring input/output devices (C++)
    accomplishment: wrote driver software and user’s guide for a PC-hosted I/O scanner card (C and assembler)
  • client: manufacturer of power systems
    accomplishment: designed and wrote software to help customers set up and monitor the power controller, which operates electrical-power substations remotely (C language)
  • client: large urban school system, transportation department
    accomplishment: wrote operating manual for pupil assignment system, which had been delivered by another supplier without any documentation
  • client: automobile insurance company
    accomplishment: wrote software for computing premiums and sending appropriate correspondence (C with Oracle SQL and Microsoft SQL Server)
  • client: startup company, maker of numerical controls
    accomplishment: designed and wrote driver software for modules operated through a PC’s serial port (BASIC and assembler)
  • client: eyeglass/contact lens company
    accomplishment: wrote retail information system to capture prescriptions and track progress of orders (COBOL with Btrieve)
  • client: Toronto-based multinational
    accomplishment: wrote financial model for currency translation and international financial consolidation (TABOL, a programmable spreadsheet language)
Product Manager,
duties: supported maintenance and development of company software products, promoted company products, designed related applications, and supported implementations
accomplishments: trained users and other consultants to use the company’s spreadsheet product (formal classes and individual technical support); designed and implemented a parsing system, file access utilities, and timing routines for the IBM PC (FORTRAN and C); designed and implemented an international financial consolidation database for a Pennsylvania metals company (TABOL)
Sr. Applications Specialist,
General Electric
duties: analyzed customer requirements, developed specifications and cost estimates, wrote proposals, managed and participated in implementations, trained customers, wrote user’s guides, helped train fellow employees
accomplishments: project managed, designed, and implemented a vessel crewing database system for a major Great Lakes shipping company (FORTRAN with HISAM, GE’s database); designed and implemented PUB, a word-processing system later sold as a GE product (FORTRAN), and wrote user’s manual; led development of CASE software engineering standards; designed and implemented a system for manifesting hazardous waste shipments (FORTRAN with HISAM)
through 5/79 positions:
  • Senior Consultant with Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young)
  • Senior Technical Consultant with On-Line Systems
  • Account Manager with Digitype Division of Ecotran Corp.
  • Manager of Information Services with Chi Corporation
  • high-school mathematics teacher with Hawken School (beginning algebra through AP calculus)
accomplishments include:
  • created and taught a one-month course in computerized typesetting
  • researched, wrote, and taught software development standards and policies for Ernst & Ernst
  • designed, project managed, and implemented system for computing and maximizing hospitals’ reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid (FORTRAN)
  • designed and implemented long-distance routing database for Bell Canada
  • designed and supervised implementation of information-management and typesetting systems such as college catalogs and parts databases (ALGOL)
  • developed and taught beginning computer-programming courses for high-school students

Personal data

  United States citizen
single, no children
E-mail stan (at) oakroadsystems (dot) com
Home page
Degree B.S., Physics (honors), Case Western Reserve University
Languages fluent French
learning Spanish
some Danish and Italian
Certificates C.D.P., Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals
Ohio teaching certificate (inactive)
Location Tompkins County, New York; travel is negotiable
References available on request

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